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Spa Etiquette 
*Please allow 24hrs notice for any cancellations or rescheduling needs to avoid a $50 'Same Day Cancelation Fee'
If you’re in need of detailed neck work please remember the occipitals (neck muscles) rest above the hair line & prepare your hair treatments accordingly as there will most likely be oil exposure to area
Please feel comfortable disrobing to our level of comfort during your massage sessions.  You will be appropriately draped (covered) during the entire session  
Please come in as your beautiful self preferably void of makeup. Be sure to avoid any skin treatments such as exfoliating acid peels & rentin A products including retinol and retinaldehyde 48 hrs prior to your trearment 
Please come in with clean lashes void of all makeup and oils (to avoid $16 cleansing fee) prepared for no external H2O exposure for the next 24 hrs.  
Hair exposure to Oils 
Lash Treatments
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