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Massage Treatments

We are happy to now offer In Home Outdoor Sessions starting at $175/hr.  Please call for further details!

It’s funny how little we know about our own bodies

When it comes to addressing soft tissue discomfort, effective treatment is counterintuitive. Antagonistic muscles play a key factor in pulling things out of balance & should take a priority of focus opposed to just treating the localized area of discomfort. Example: looking down at a phone/book all day, the posterior) of your neck is going to bother you when its anterior (front) muscles of your neck that are overworked & shortened thus pulling & creating micro tears at the attachments sights on the weaker side. This results in inflammation on the nerves & contracts the surrounding muscle groups in attempt to protect itself. The magical recipe for soft tissue damage repair is the key 3: Strengthening, Stretching, & Massage -which can be easily implemented by rollers or body balls ,) We are elated to assist in your journey to recovery, help maintain wellbeing & hope to make a difference!


Swedish massage is used for the treatment of stress or pain. We apply relaxing pressure to address superficial soft tissues and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. 

60 min    110          90 min    160

75 min     135        120 min    220

Relaxing Massage


Sports Massage is an active session structured to incorporate stretching and constructive pressure to optimize muscle performance building up to or following a sports event.

60 min    125          90 min    185


75 min     150        120 min    240

Sports massage on leg

Hot Stone

Hot stone treatments allow for the body & muscle tissue to relax & melt under the soothing heat of polished basalt stones. The elevated temperature of the stones allows for greater blood circulation. It penetrates deeper into the muscle layers without the necessary pressure of deep tissue.

60 min    135          90 min    195

75 min     160        120 min    265

Black Stone Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is used to relieve pain and tension through gentle manipulations of the skull. The therapy is intended to harmonize with the natural rhythm of the central nervous system.

60 min    115

Face Massage

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage provides relief from chronic muscle tension. Myofascial, trigger point, passive stretching & other various modalities are incorporated into this session. These techniques break up scar tissue, fascial adhesions & blockages within the connective tissue

60 min    115          90 min    175

75 min     140        120 min    230

Back Massage


Prenatal massage increases circulation, which helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This provides your baby with increased nourishment and oxygen supply. Increasing circulation also helps reduce the chances of varicose veins forming

60 min    115

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Lymphatic Drainage

Fluids can build up in your lymph system and lymph nodes resulting in edema & discomfort. Lymphatic drainage is a manual technique using gentle pressure to help move waste fluids from the body. Great for post operative care

60 min    115

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