Integrating Luxury Services with a Holistic Spin

' Here it's acknowledged that things are mentally, physically & spiritually connected and affect us all individually. Let us Help!!  You Radiate what's on the Inside! '

                                                                                                  - With Love

Enhance your regular Skincare with a little Organic Oomph customized to your specific needs. We have a wide variety of Facials, Peels and Skincare Treatments.  Indulge in your choice of Massage or Energy Work while your products set!


 Your body is constantly talking to you! Often times, we are too distracted to listen until it's screaming!! Let us help mediate that  conversation before you endure another difficult day or consider more invasive methods   


Home of the 1st Ever  Chakra Lash Extension Treatment! We will do a quick Chakra Assessment prior to your session and place Chakra  Stones accordingly to help open and align your major Energy Centers during your Lash Treatment. Have your cake and eat it too! :)

Here's what our clients say...

Jan E. San Francisco, CA

- Sushmita, Palo Alto, CA

Amazing massage from Liz! I have had a lot of bodywork due to chronic neck and back pain. Recently I suffered a resurgence of whiplash related symptoms with an extremely stiff neck and intermittent vertigo. Liz was able to make a huge difference, reduce my pain and increase flexibility. She had the right balance of deep work and a general relaxing touch that was magical!

Liz is really wonderful!  Her ability to tune in and do really deep work is remarkable.  She has helped me greatly with a minor concussion/whiplash experience and unlocked levels of tightness held for a long time in just a few sessions.  She has a lovely demeanor, is sweet and positive and genuinely empathic.  She has a solid knowledge of the body, is intuitive and highly skilled at bodywork.  She is a rare find!

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